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italyan futbolu ile haşır neşir olan channel4'ün bir araştırması..son 15 yılda italyada iz bırakan 10 taşralı kral futbolcu sıralanmış..doğuştan kominist cristiano lucarelli listenin başında..ikinci sırada fenomenlerden roberto baggio var..dario hubner, filippo maniero, blogun sevgilisi pagliuca, doni, signori, enrico chiesa ve giovanni stroppa şeklinde uzuyor liste..2-3 tanesini tanımam etmem..asıl bomba listenin sonunda..10 numaraya brescia yıllarından tanrı georghe hagi'yi koymuşlar..tanrı'ya zaten hep 10 numara yakışır, ondan kelli listenin sonunu uygun görmüşler.."brescia'da da olsa tanrı tanrıdır" diyelim, copy paste yapalım...

10. Gheorghe Hagi (Brescia)
Hailed as the greatest ever Romanian player as part of UEFA’s Jubilee celebrations in 2003, the pint-sized playmaker spent two amazing years wowing the Brescia crowd. He secured the Rondinelle promotion to Serie A and put up a fight in the top flight before being lured to Barcelona.

9. Giovanni Stroppa (Foggia)
His time with the minnows was brief – one season on loan from Milan – but his impact huge. A vital part of Zdenek Zeman’s legendary giant killers in 1993-94, he even earned an international debut while representing Foggia. How many players can say that?
8. Enrico Chiesa (Siena)
When the veteran journeyman joined little Siena at the age of 32 it should have been the beginning of the end, but he went on to make more appearances during his time in Tuscany than for any other club, scoring 32 goals in the process.

7. Giuseppe Signori (Bologna)
For six years Beppe was the King of Bologna. He may be most famous for his success with Lazio, but he was a true hero to the Rossoblu fans, scoring a total of 67 League goals. Not bad considering he did it wearing boots two sizes too small for his feet, claiming it improved his technique.

6. Cristiano Doni (Atalanta)
The lanky trequartista’s time in Bergamo has been split between two spells, which were also the two most successful of his career so far. After struggling with Sampdoria and Spanish side Real Mallorca, he returned to Atalanta and enjoyed even more success before being made club captain.

5. Gianluca Pagliuca (Bologna)
The only goalkeeper on this list and another player who extended his playing days by becoming a big fish in a small pond. His seven years with Bologna were arguably more successful from a personal point of view than his time with Inter, even if by that stage his international chances had faded.

4. Filippo Maniero (Venezia)
Pippo was a powerful but skilful centre-forward with an eye for goal, as shown by his 54 League goals during four historic years with Venezia. Along with teammates Alvaro Recoba and Massimo Taibi, he will always be remembered as a hero for his Serie A exploits in the iconic but calcio starved city.

3. Dario Hubner (Piacenza)
Il Bisonte could also qualify through his much longer spell with Brescia, but it was with Piacenza that he really upset the big boys by equalling David Trezeguet at the top of the Capopcannoniere chart. Scored an amazing 41 Serie A goals in two seasons with struggling Piacenza.

2. Roberto Baggio (Brescia)
It is not every day that a former FIFA World Player of the Year and Ballon d’Or winner decides to join a struggling side after spells with Fiorentina, Juventus, Milan and Inter. But for four happy years the Divine Ponytail delighted the Brescia crowds before retiring in 2004.

1. Cristiano Lucarelli (Livorno)
The many arguments and falling outs will never take the shine off the four years Lucarelli spent with his hometown club. Another player to take the Capocannoniere crown to the provinces, the outspoken socialist only fell short of 20 Serie A goals once during his time with Tuscan minnows Livorno.
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